This week Project Spotlight is featuring our youth program Greenville Outdoor Adventure Learning (GOAL).  GOAL was started by the Sierra Institute (SI) in order to show local youth awesome ways to recreate outside in their own “back yard” and beyond.  We aim to teach responsible, safe and in environmentally conscious recreation.

  Our youth programs are gearing up for our summer season and ready to provide youth from Plumas, Butte and Alemeda counties with exciting summer opportunities!  This week we’ll focus on Plumas Conservation, Restoration and Education in Watersheds, also know as P-CREW, and what their summer 2017 is shaping up

A grand, homely incense cedar tree stands heartily in view from our office windows at the Sierra Institute in Taylorsville, Ca. It’s cheerful, yes, and indeed charming, but as it steadfastly towers over us through winter after winter and decade after decade its longevity stands most visible. The cedar, like