Reinvesting in Working Forests, Business by Business

By Lauren Redmore One of the biggest barriers facing improved management of California’s forests is the general scarcity of small forestry businesses to service landscape needs for fuels reduction and other wildfire preventative measures.   Once a thriving sector across the state, small forestry businesses took a hit in the 1990s as capacity consolidated towards industrial, often land-owning, […]

RISE-ing Up To The Challenge

By Lauren Redmore and Zoe Watson The timber industry decline that led to mill closures in the 1990s left many rural forested communities in California without an economic base, driving out many families in search of economic opportunity. Those who stayed behind still lack family supporting employment opportunities.  As timber processing capability plummeted before stabilizing […]

Earth Day Reflections by Spencer Lachman

To me, Earth Day is an opportunity to reflect on our individual relationships to global systems. The adage goes, “Think globally and act locally”, suggesting we should consider the broader implications of our actions on our global community and the intentionality of the decisions we make as consumers, humans, and Americans. To understand these identities […]

Who Cares about Forest Roads?

By Virginia Pritchard Virginia started working at the Sierra Institute in the Fall of 2020 as a Collaborative Forestry Management Apprentice and will be working on West Lassen Headwaters Infrastructure Assessment and Watershed Improvement Project. She graduated from Oregon State University in 2016 with a dual B.S. in Environmental Science and Microbiology with a Chemistry […]

Harnessing Your Independence

Second House

Work and Life in a Rural Setting “Must be nice,” I hear from different people in cities when I tell them I work in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The natural beauty, the serenity, the peacefulness, all must be nice they say. Yet it is hard not to note that the population of […]

The Way of the Future

dr. elizabeth

A feature of working with community members at the Sierra Institute is passion. People, rightly, care a lot about what happens in the natural world just outside their doors. They get passionate, to a point that someone walking into a community meeting might sometimes think we aren’t debating but in conflict. Yet the reality is […]