State of the Lake – Community Vitality

A vibrant community is based in a healthy ecosystem – but just as important is a working economy.  When we were planning this event—long before pandemic made in-person gathering impossible—we wanted to foster a conversation with community members about the way our environment influences our economy and vice-versa – and how both affect quality of […]

The Life of Cariboots

white hats_2018

I am part of the trail maintenance crew at P-CREW. Our crew, The Cariboots, is split into two groups: trail maintenance, and cross-cut. The trail maintenance group does brush and tread work, which involves removing manzanita brush and redefining trails. A day in P-CREW look like this; going to the cash (the place we hid […]

Nature’s Embrace

white hats_2018

Throughout my time at P-CREW, I’ve discovered the beauty of nature. At home, I’m a stay in-doors type of person over the weekends and during breaks. During that time, you can expect to see me just in front of my computer gaming my life away. Now, I see what I’ve been missing, nature has so […]

Hey Summer, Who Am I?


Once again, it’s that wonderful time of year. The early sunrise and late sunset, the subtle breeze giving brief moments of coolness in the exhausting heat, the vibrant shades of green punctuating the views of beautiful mountain ranges, students turning in their final exams, and families planning vacations (or planning to send their kids away!). […]

Forest Management Tour with Collins Pine


6/20- Collins Pine Co. and PCREW talked trees, timber, and forest management techniques with triple bottom line objectives. — This was my 2nd year leading the Sustainable FOrest Management Tour with Collins Pine on behalf of Sierra Institute. Our typical tour attendee is retired and somewhat in the know about timber and forest management. At […]

P-CREW Alumni Reunion


P-CREW Reunion 2017 was a fresh wave of air as P-CREW undergoes preparations for program expansion to 4 crews in 2018. Alumni are the heart of the program and continue to positively influence the future of P-CREW. On the first evening in the hostel, the group sat around the main living area of our bunk […]