Attending the International Symposium on Society and Natural Resource Management

Indian Creek

Last month, Lauren and I attended the International Symposium on Society and Natural Resource Management (ISSRM) in Utah, where we presented preliminary findings from our research with the California Department of Conservation (DOC) on the Statewide Watershed Program. ISSRM is an annual gathering of professionals and students working at the intersection of social science and […]

Sweet Subtleties of Summer

white hats_2018

Today we are at the East side of Jewel Lake. It is fairly cold and windy today but we are building a camp fire. It is nice to hear the wind through the trees and the birds chirping. I tried to go fishing this morning but the fish weren’t biting.. Other than that, it feels […]

The Life of Cariboots

white hats_2018

I am part of the trail maintenance crew at P-CREW. Our crew, The Cariboots, is split into two groups: trail maintenance, and cross-cut. The trail maintenance group does brush and tread work, which involves removing manzanita brush and redefining trails. A day in P-CREW look like this; going to the cash (the place we hid […]

Nature’s Embrace

white hats_2018

Throughout my time at P-CREW, I’ve discovered the beauty of nature. At home, I’m a stay in-doors type of person over the weekends and during breaks. During that time, you can expect to see me just in front of my computer gaming my life away. Now, I see what I’ve been missing, nature has so […]

Mental Health in the Forest

white hats_2018

As my time with P-CREW has passed by, my mental health has changed a whole lot from the me two weeks ago. Let’s say that it is June 17, 2018. On this day, I had to leave my house for a couple hours so people could look at it, however I still spent the rest […]

Hey Summer, Who Am I?


Once again, it’s that wonderful time of year. The early sunrise and late sunset, the subtle breeze giving brief moments of coolness in the exhausting heat, the vibrant shades of green punctuating the views of beautiful mountain ranges, students turning in their final exams, and families planning vacations (or planning to send their kids away!). […]

Getting to Work in the Woods


Ever driven down a Forest Service road toward your favorite spot in the woods, and wondered what would happen if a fire came through and changed this landscape? If you live in the Northern Sierra, it doesn’t take much of an imagination. It seems almost any summer, you can stand outside our office in Taylorsville […]