In Praise of Small Streams


We are often most impressed by the bigger things in life and our rivers are no exception to this bias. Despite this, I believe if you take some time to understand how watersheds work, you can be convinced that the little trickling mountain creek is just as, if not more, impressive than its downstream relative. […]

Essential Ingredients


While driving from Oregon toward Indian Valley and my new position as Watershed Coordinator at the Sierra Institute for Community and Environment, I reflected on the circuitous route that finally brought me here. I thought of a childhood in the mossed, temperate rainforests of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, a handful of years pursuing degrees and mountain […]

Wrapping Up Sustainability Institute


“By taking care of the environment, the environment takes care of us.” “Sustainability is maintaining communities even during environmental and economic changes.” “Sustainability is what holds our small town together.” These were just some of the sentiments expressed by Greenville Junior/Senior High School students during the final Sustainability Institute presentations last Thursday, May 18. Groups […]

Freshwater “bug” ID with students


Micah Silver has served as our Aquatic Field Fellow in 2018. As part of his work, he brought some of his skills into the Natural Resource classroom at Greenville High School. Read more below about his experience. We are all familiar with fresh bodies of water such as rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds. Here in […]

Seeing the forest and the trees


Last week I attended a U.S. Forest Service training in Central Point, OR where I took a deep dive into silvicultural modeling with the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) software. My fellow classmates represented the USFS, Bureau of Land Management, state natural resource agencies, private industry, and forestry consulting firms. Attendees were mainly from California and […]