The Sierra Institute office is closed, but staff are continuing to work safely from their homes. For More Information Check Out: COVID-19 Updates

The work doesn't stop just because we are sheltering-in-place.

In fact, the team at Sierra Institute has been focused on how to get our seasonal summer crews into the field to do critical wildfire fuels reduction and watershed restoration - while staying safe and healthy.

In consultation with our partners and medical professionals, we've drafted this manual to achieve the goal of safely and ethically employing woods crews to do the essential work needed to mitigate wildfire risk, improve water quality and so much more.  All while earning a paycheck.

While this is still a DRAFT DOCUMENT and we will be updating according to the latest science and best practices, we have been pleased to share this document with partners across the state.

We will continue to post updates here as the document evolves.

Sierra Institute COVID-19 Office Updates: