Current Projects


Sierra Cascades All Lands Enhancement (SCALE) brings together collaborative groups throughout the Sierra Nevada and Cascades to advance initiatives that promote healthy forests, communities and economies in these regions.


Plumas Conservation, Restoration and Education in Watersheds (P-CREW) is a summer restoration and environmental education experience for high-school students from Plumas County and Oakland, CA.

Sierra Fellows

Sierra Fellows works to place exceptional "Fellows" into rural communities throughout the Sierra Nevada and Cascades region, assisting them in tackling their most pressing community development issues.

Woody Biomass

Sierra Institute is investigating all angles of woody biomass utilization to promote healthy forests through sustainable harvest, improve local economies by creating jobs and increasing energy efficiency through cleaner fuel uses.

Just this week CHIPS recorded its 30th show of “Forest, Communities, and Fire” on KQBM Blue Mountain Radio. When I started my fellowship in October of last year, my supervisor, Steve Wilensky, mentioned the possibility of a stewardship-centered radio show on their local station in the small town of West Point. He seemed entirely unfazed by my complete lack of radio, multimedia, or performance experience. So, in early November of 2015, we dove head first into this new adventure, relying on our knowledge of natural resource principles and on the community to help carry us through. Ten months later, despite the steep technical learning curve, the show has become quite a success!

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