West Shore Project



The Sierra Institute is excited to announce the initiation of the West Shore Community Wildfire Protection Project (West Shore Project) in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS).

Ranking as one of the highest priority projects on the Lassen National Forest, the West Shore Project is supported by members of the South Lassen Watersheds Group (SLWG), a diverse group of local partners collaborating on multi-jurisdictional, large-scale projects to improve forest and watershed health, reduce wildfire risk, protect critical habitat, and support local economies.

The West Shore Project is located along the western shore of Lake Almanor beginning at the southern end of the Lake Almanor West community and ending just north of the PG&E Rocky Point Campground. The project extends east of California State Highway 89 and encompasses approximately 6,100 acres.

The purpose of the project is to plan and implement vegetation management activities within the wildland-urban interface (WUI) to: improve resiliency to wildfire; reduce levels of tree mortality resulting from stressors such as insect infestation, and disease; and improve overall forest and watershed health. Additionally, this project seeks to enhance the recreation experience through facilities improvements and access management.




What did forest stand structure look like along the west shore before fire exclusion practices?

What is the average size of a timber sale?

What are the pros and cons of  mastication and prescribed burning?

How is the project being funded?

These questions and more were answered by specialists from the Sierra Institute and USFS during our first public field trip for the West Shore Community Wildfire Protection Project.

Thank you to all those who attended and provided feedback.

We are excited to continue engaging community members with this high-profile collaborative effort. 


Project Map

WS_Flyer_Project Overview_01_08142019

Protecting Our Communities from Wildfire


Building Resilient Ecosystems


Supporting Local Economies

Click here for an informational flyer.

Check back for more information as the project progresses!

Your participation in project development is crucial to developing resilient communities,  forests, and watersheds.

These upcoming events provided the perfect opportunity to get involved:

Aug. 28 - Sept. 11, 2019: Public Scoping Period

The scoping period gives the public a chance to review the project Proposed Action, Purpose, and Need (PAPN) and  inform the Forest Service and Sierra Institute (Project Team) of concerns members of the public think should be addressed in the Environmental Assessment (EA) before the team begins drafting the document.

Please check back on Wednesday 8/28/2019 for information on how to submit scoping comments.

Click here to read the PAPN.

Sept. 5, 2019: Public Field Trip

The Sierra Institute will be hosting a public field trip from 10:00 - 11:30 am to provide insight and answer questions regarding the West Shore Project. Interested parties are highly encouraged to attend and provide feedback. The field trip will begin at the Dyer View parking area (coordinates: 40.202985; -121.136388) and include one additional stop. Please be prepared to drive to each location. The sites are easily accessible and walking will be kept to a minimum.

If you are interested in participating in this field trip, please RSVP by Tuesday September 3, 2019.



For more information, or questions regarding the West Shore Community Wildfire Protection Project, please contact Dov Weinman at the the Sierra Institute by phone: (530) 284-1022, or email: dweinman@sierrainstitute.us.