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Woodsmobile Needed

Woodsmobile Square

P-CREW needs a new troop transport vehicle to move hardworking teenagers to work in the woods.

With your tax-deductible contribution, we can make sure these youth have a safe, reliable four-wheel drive SUV.

Together, we can get these kids back on the road to work, play, learning and their mission:

Developing the next generation of natural resource stewards through work experience, field-based learning, personal growth and professional development. 

The youth who applied have been on pins and needles waiting to find out if the program will even happen this summer.

Our staff, with the help of local medical professionals, our partners and others have been striving for months to develop the protocols that would make this summer's conservation work possible -- just last Friday, we determined it could be done.

Now we need your help to overcome the last challenge.

Our old Suburban, donated years ago at the beginning of the P-CREW program, has too much wear and tear to be used this summer.  With $10,000 we can purchase a used SUV that will give these youth an active, healthy, productive, educational 5-week job doing much needed work in the woods and watersheds.  Not only will it make this year's nearly cancelled program possible - it will serve P-CREW participants for many years to come.

Thanks to some generous supporters, we've already raised $5,000.

Crew leaders start arriving June 1st and we need to raise just $5,000 more.

These energetic teenagers are HOPING to give five weeks of hard work to landscapes and communities of the Sierra.   YOU CAN SAY YES!