Intersecting Stories Build Connections Between Students and the Landscape Every willow tells a story. So does every charred pine, contoured mountainside, and migrating grebe. Some of these tales are clearer than others, some offer greater foreshadowing, but listen closely and stories are everywhere. Seven students’ own personal stories intersected on

An All Lands Workshop Last week the Sierra Institute hosted its biannual SCALE meeting in Sacramento.  More people and groups attended this SCALE meeting than ever before, coming from all over California and representing over eleven collaborative groups.  Some of the collaboratives have been involved with SCALE since the beginning, but

Current (and Near Future) SCALE Projects Last week I wrote an introduction to the SCALE project and forest collaboratives in California.  This week I’m going to dig a little deeper into some of the current focuses of the project.  Sierra Institute adapts SCALE to respond to needs identified by the

The Sierra to California All-Lands Enhancement (SCALE) Project is a peer learning network of collaborative groups working on US Forest Service lands.  The project allows for collaborative groups working across California to share lessons learned from project successes (and failures) and address challenges that are shared between groups working towards

The last Project Spotlight post introduced the Burney-Hat Creek Community Forest and Watershed Group (BHCCFWG). This week’s post will focus on the Crossroads project- a collaboratively designed 2,500+ acre project within the BHCCFWG focus area.   Crossroads Area Overview: The proposed Crossroads project is located northeast of Burney, CA in

  Burney-Hat Creek Collaborative Forestry Introduction   The Burney-Hat Creek Community Forest and Watershed Group (BHCCFWG) is a collaborative forestry effort founded in 2009.  This group is dedicated to improving social, environmental, and economic conditions in the Burney Creek and Hat Creek watersheds, located primarily in Lassen and Shasta Counties,